About Us

Children of the City’s goal is to prepare students to exercise their rights and responsibilities as American citizens. We foster in South Jackson’s youth a curiosity for life-long learning, the habits of hard work, and a commitment to public service. Children of the City emphasize the responsibility of educated citizens to question, to act, and to avoid complacency.

We strive to make our classes, our assessment strategies, and the experiences we offer students and teachers as authentic as possible–preparing individuals to meet the challenges and standards of the real world. To make learning authentic for our students, our school must be a learning organization with mechanisms to take and utilize feedback. We learn from our successes and failures. We maintain intimate learning environments with small group settings.

Hard work is important for all members of our schools’ community. It means we teach students to value effort as an essential but not sole component of excellence, and that there are standards to which we must all hold ourselves accountable. Hard work also means that students deserve the experience of accomplishing things they thought they could not do. Most importantly, it means that Children of the City students earn their diplomas for what they know and can do, and that they are prepared to succeed in Ivy League institutions.

For teachers, hard work means that we practice what we demand of students. . . .

To promote public service, we make the City of Jackson an extended classroom. Its institutions, neighborhoods, and citizens are important resources accessible to students. Our students learn to value their whole city.

To help live out our vision, we invest deeply in our teachers. Teachers carry no more than three preparations, a load that allows them common meeting time to engage in deep and extensive planning and professional development. We are a learning organization for all.

Children of the City Preparatory School is directed to the surrounding community in the South Jackson area. We seek to provide our students with a sound environment and educational opportunities that will promote higher achievement standards which will enable our students to compete on a global level.