Our Mission

Vision Statement: to provide a free private, Christian education to the undeserved youth in the South Jackson area. 

Mission Aspiration: To graduate responsible, resourceful, and respectful citizens prepared for college and to advance community, culture, and commerce, and to compete in the 21st century.


Our mission is to provide a loving, supportive, safe, and educational environment for elementary and secondary school-aged children, with a special emphasis on social development and character building through high disciplinary standards.


Children of the City Preparatory aims to groom students for success as prominent members of the global community. We believe in, and emphasize Christian principles, that focuses on the total man. Our school embraces the concept that all children are capable of becoming anything they desire. By delivering an enhanced learning curriculum infused with faith-based values, we provide students with a progressive and nurturing atmosphere that stimulates the creative mind while helping students realize their full potential.

We will achieve this emphasizing:

Academic Achievement

Academic achievement means that we strive to maintain high academic standards and ensure results. It means we acknowledge our students’ competition and seek to find additional resources to prepare our students to compete.


Citizenship means we strive to maintain standards of civility, promote our students’ civic engagement and participation, and link our school to the best in the world.

Teacher Leadership

Teacher leadership means teachers take responsibility for the performance of students and of our school. It means teachers drive decision-making in doing, building, and growing Children of the City. It means teachers are reflective practitioners and managers.

Motto: Together, all things are possible.

Core Traits: Integrity, Excellence, and Persistence

Mascot: Ready Writer

Special Emphasis:

  • Reading & Comprehension
  • Essay & Creative Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Entrepreneurship

Our Philosophy:

  • We believe every child has the potential to succeed.
  • We believe that discipline is key to success.
  • We believe in Christian principles.
  • We believe we are the best.
  • We believe that nothing is impossible.

Goals and Objectives:

  • 100% of our senior class to test above average on ACT and SAT
  • To increase students reading level by at least one grade each year
  • To provide our students with a sense of respect for themselves and others
  • To be fluent and proficient in a foreign language upon graduation
  • To make cognitive decisions with faith-based awareness
  • To effectively communicate both orally and written