Children of the City is your child’s home away from home for only a portion of their day we will make it a warm, nurturing, and fun place to be. We will focus on laughing, learning, play, and discovery. Your child will enjoy enhancing their social, emotional, intellectual, cognitive, and motor skills while building confidence and self-esteem. We welcome parents visits anytime as we find this to be very helpful in keeping communication open between parent and staff.

As a Christian facility your child will be exposed to many positive learning opportunities such as:

a) Learning about Bible Stories

b) Singing songs about Jesus’ love and God’s creation

c) Having a thankful heart for everything we have and praying before snacks/meal times

Did you know that competency in a second language gives children a competitive edge, not only now but throughout the rest of their lives? We offer children the opportunity to learn Spanish and American Sign Language through age appropriate activities. Children’s brains are like sponges, their learning potential is endless. We teach children common Spanish and American Sign Language vocabulary such as colors, foods, body parts, etc. Your child will be well on their way to beginning a wonderful bilingual journey!